Creating a Perfect Feng Shui Bedroom

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For those who are not familiar with this ancient Chinese philosophy and metaphysics system, we will just say that Feng Shui (Wind and Water) teaches people how to achieve successful and happy life by harmonizing our personality and living space with surroundings. It is a holistic approach that requires a lot of patience and knowledge from people who want to use it and get the best results. Of course, this ancient philosophy cannot be learned over the night, which is why people hire specialists to arrange their living space according to Fang Shui rules. There is no need to spend money because we are about to relieve a few trick and tips that can be used for rearing your bedroom.

beverage center bedroom

The game of reflection

Mirrors and surface that reflects light are very important part in every arranging and home improvement project. They can make our space more interesting and creative, converting our living space into a resting oasis. Mirrors are also great for “expanding” our space. With a little knowledge and experience, you can make real wonders with these items. However, Feng Shui masters are not delighted with them. In fact, if we want to follow principles of this ancient knowledge, we should cover all mirrors in our bedroom if they reflect our body (or any part) while we are lying on the bed. According to Chinese tradition, if we can see our reflection in the mirror, it can cause a lot of troubles in our family, primarily in a relationship with our partner.

Try to avoid mini fridges

We all know how having beverage centers or wine coolers besides bed can be great, but it is not something we should practice during Feng Shui phase. The same as we did with mirrors, we should cover all electrical devices that are installed in our bedroom. Covering them with a big rug or blanket will be enough. This does not mean that we should say goodbye to cold drinks. Not at all. Instead of keeping them in beverage centers, we will have to keep our drinks under the counter or in wooden shelves.

Avoid water

All water features should be places outside bedroom. This is crucial rule, especially for people who need a good rest and refreshing sleep. In other words, water is not recommended element for a bedroom. Chinese believe that water features located in this room can have negative effects on our health and family relationships. This element is also considered as one of the main causes of love affairs.

Vintage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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The available large variety of furniture and textiles makes it fun to create your own modern vintage design for the bedroom. The most important feature here is to coordinate textiles with the color shade of the fabric:

* Having decided for a color shade you like to have, you should stick to that when finalizing your bedding. Yet, feel free to coordinate different shades with the texture of the fabric. For instance, try cream and khaki with chocolate brown, lime green with olive green and light blue with rich purple and dark brown. Combining white with any color gives you a crisp contrast.
* Look for a bed sheet in traditional but appealing style. Floral patterns, paisley and pinstripes are excellent options but a surprising color like orange, bright green and turquoise brings s feeling of freshness and modernity.
* As far as pillows are concerned, you should know that a mattress with four or five cautiously chosen pillows makes a better impression than a bed that has a few pillows in varying sizes and shapes. Explore the possibility of incorporating knife-edge pillow, box edge pillow or flange pillow embroidered in sold color and add a bit of flair.

Modern Vintage Clothing Storage

Visit some thrift stores and antique shops and look for classic storage accessories for clothing:

* A stand alone wardrobe would look great if you have high ceiling and the room is big enough not get crowded with the massive size of such a wardrobe. You may like to give it the looks of a weather beaten piece by suitably painting it in an appropriate color. You could remove the doors of the impressive wardrobe and expose the storage space therein. You can also add some color to the space by having vases and baskets for accessories.
* For storage of extra beds or out of season clothing follow the traditional way of positioning a storage chest or trunk at the foot of the bed. You may consider having old fashioned trunk or modern pieces made using rattan, bamboo and shiny dark wood.
* It will be an excellent idea to have a hat rack with vintage design to store belts, t-shirts, hand scarves and neckties.

Modern Vintage Bedroom Furniture

Some sure places for procuring vintage furniture are Craigslist, EBay, estate sales and antique malls:

* These days it’s not difficult to get a variety of bed frames that bring modern vintage feel to mind. You can choose from sleigh beds, four poster bed and wrought-iron frames. You can give a fresh look to an old antique bed frame by using a paint that is suitable for application on metals. The frame may be painted in white to get a neat look or in silver color to get a funky feel.
* Visit antique malls and look for stuff that could be exploited to have unique bedside tables. Search for tobacco stands, empty barrels, tea trays in vintage designs and even small drawer units. You can brighten these items by applying a coat of an appropriate paint. It helps to cove the blemishes while keeping the color scheme streamlines all through the room.
* Modern vintage lighting for the bedroom should comprise of easy lighting fixture that has an antiquated look without being cluttered. For bedtime reading it will be thoughtful to have scones whereas rooms with a high ceiling could be provided with a chandelier to get a graceful glow. In case you have an old chandelier, paint it in silver or white color.

Innovative Bedroom Design by Karako

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As amazingly modern as the latticed canopy is, this bedroom by Karako is actually designed with the story of Adam and Eve in mind. Going back as far as ancient times, the domestic project is named The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, in reference to the story of Eve & Adam, or is it vice versa. Nonetheless, the branch like awning starts as a headboard and covers the central furniture piece with a web of angular trelliswork. Fast forward some fifteen centuries and most parallels can be easily drawn between the royal canopy beds of the Renaissance and the all encompassing frame. This love lounge definitely builds on forms of the past with a contemporary aesthetic with a crisp whitewash and unusual geometries.

Eco Friendly Beds by Vitamin Design

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Definitely one of the best things in life is falling asleep surrounded by trees, and the Vitamin Design’s Bed Somnia enables you to do exactly that in the comfort of your modern bedroom. Mimicking the feeling of lying on a real grass bed, this piece will introduce an unusual, but great feeling into your bedroom. And for those of you who don’t like sleeping under the open sky, the little addition at the back of this piece of bedroom furniture can be converted into a practical ‘nightstand’ which stashes everything from underwear to your favorite bedtime reading. With its minimalist and creative design, it will fit into any love lounge beautifully.

Italian Style Beds by Rossetto

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They shall hunger no more, neither thirst anymore (this sounds lame). Feast your eyes (this sounds even lamer) on the sophistication and beauty of finest Italian modern art inside your love lounge with the Rossetto’s Edge Walnut Bed. And this piece of furniture is not lame at all! The Edge’s walnut finished frame perfectly contrasts a traditional feel against the contemporary arrangement. It’s supported by metal feet in brushed aluminum finish to complete its avant-garde style. A boiserie is installed behind its headboard as a balancing element. It has an unevenly placed headboard upholstered in beige fabric and is padded with highest-quality foam.

Striped Bedding by Unison

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The Unison’s Sailor + Regatta Navy duvet redefine the classic home textile. Their Sailor + Regatta duvet is reversible and looks amazing turned-down reveling either a contrasting striping. Often referred to as ‘minimal but with substance,’ this bed linen line has only one purpose – to be spice-up and attainable and at the same time to maintain minimal, contemporary qualities through the use of fashionable colour and finest fabrics. Eco-aware, this manufacturer commits to creating all of their bed linen under Oeko-tex certified standards and uses certified Mother Earth-friendly material for their maturing organic collections.

Modern Bedside Table by Josefin Hellström-Olsson

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The Josefin Hellström-Olsson’s Pile of Books Table is an example of how designer’s with the right products, can blend function and style. The shape of a book is just great for drawers. So the end result was a modern nightstand with character strong enough to stand on its own inside any bedroom. The placement of the books was crucial to create a spontaneous feeling and still be very practical and stylish. The designer wanted to capture those dreamy feelings that homeowners should get from a bedroom and stories from books. This nightstand is one of those products you look forward to using.

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