People who have ever shown any interest in immateriality will be quite familiar with an Eastern religion’s concept of levitation. The beautifully designed ALUNA BED will not help its owners in their quest of attaining spiritual Nirvana. On the other hand, this bed may ensure a good (or a great) night sleep. The ergonomically designed piece of bedroom furniture gives an actual illusion of floating which lends it an air of voluptuousness which is quite adorable. Designed by Dolum, who specializes in unique expensive modern pieces of bedroom furniture, the ALUNA BED defies all known stereotypes and actually discards all the traditional rules of design as well as standard practices with huge amount of success in recent times. Best of all, more and more home owners are willing to try these designs. Three words that best describe it are elegance, peacefulness and style. So in case you dare get one you will not be disappointed. It is true to its form.