The first thing that will probably come to the mind when the Letto Zip is mentioned is beauty and simplicity. Simple lines make it very easy matchable basically any bedroom décor. This amazing piece of (we dare to say) art comes from Florida Furniture. It is unlike anything people are used to seeing in their homes.

It may seem to be the perfect solution for the lazy ones; however this piece of bedroom furniture is all but lazy men’s excuse for not doing the bed. This is pure designer gold, in concept, meant for those who will appreciate it and to deter those who will not.

Its appearance can be simply altered by unzipping and zipping its very interesting and useful cover. This has a huge impact on the overall room style, while in the same time being quite useful for the apartment owner who can prepare the bed in a fun and unusual way. The Letto Zip is very fashionable as well as sophisticated, ideal for a wide variety of modern spaces. With a slightly curved and soft frame lines, this looks like a comfy dreamy bed. It can be found in 3 lovely color-combination: gray-red, white-red and white-blue. Are you ready to take a nap?