Zen bedroom design usually includes earthy elements such as wood. The key things to have in mind when decorating with this concept are space-management, tranquility and appeal. Your master suite must be a peaceful and revitalizing getaway. There should be no clutter on walls and floors. Furniture must be simple, but eye-catching. Designing a Zen master bedroom means so much more than designing for practicality. The goal is to provide a sanctuary, where your mind will be at ease. In this post, we have composed a collection of the most beautiful Zen inspired bedroom designs that can be used as the source of inspiration for your next bedroom redecorating challenge.

Bedroom with White Floor

White bedroom floors are usually associated with the country house aesthetic and Scandinavian design, matching beautifully with rustic accents. This Zen inspired bedroom features limited palettes of white with browns. This small bedroom is designed to feel expansive through low bed, letting the floor read under, and framing views out the window wall. We especially like the efficient use of storage spaces. Rajiv Saini & Associates

Open Space Bedroom Design

With surrealistic, dreamlike aesthetics and James Carpenter’s insulated glass designed the envelope of these truly amazing bedrooms were created to provide perfect exposure. Rogers Marvel Architects

Grey Bedroom Design

These love lounges are more traditional in their layout. While the main bedroom has a large bathroom with heated Calacatta marble floors along with a couple of walk-in-wardrobes, the second bedroom has a slightly more classic boutique hotel feel. The home’s interior colour scheme of white with grey and brown creates pared down warmth and recessed lighting fixtures with double spotlights with high ceilings mimic the aesthetic of high-end Manhattan apartments. Beautiful touches, such as fabric blinds which disappear when raised show the level of care that has gone into decorating these bedrooms to become a place to revitalize and enjoy the view. Rene Desjardins

Airy Bedroom

This bedroom is part of a 3,000 sq ft holiday house situated an hour and half northwest of Austin, Texas. A bedroom design vision focuses upon moments of outdoor living and exterior circulation patterns. Tree canopy, beautiful views and wind patterns act as main influences in the design. These influences encourage a beautiful experience which makes a perfect connection with the nature. Dick Clark Architecture

Traditional Bedroom

This bedroom is part of 8,500 sq ft house situated in Connecticut. This traditional Zen inspired bedroom features a quite rustic yet inviting interior. Ceilings and floors were crafted out of cheery wood harvested from the property itself. Centerbrook Architects and Planners