Nightstands are to a bed much like pockets are to an old pair of trousers: One does not notice their functionality until they are missing. And we have all been there – a small visitors bedroom usually – where one realizes there’s no where to set the cell, lap-top, or keys after the day is done. Standing out from the bedroom wall, the Coco Moon oval-shaped small white nightstand is designed by Rossetto. It’s a double whammy, 2-edged sword to contemporary nightstands. It comes in a wonderful white color and features a very modern (futuristic) design to it that is minimalist and elegant. This manufacturer specializes in day and night series of furniture which perfectly fits in every interior. Besides the two-drawer version (see images below), the Rossetto has a four-drawer version for the bigger bed frames as well. Both versions are made to complement the Coco Moon bed.