For those who are not familiar with this ancient Chinese philosophy and metaphysics system, we will just say that Feng Shui (Wind and Water) teaches people how to achieve successful and happy life by harmonizing our personality and living space with surroundings. It is a holistic approach that requires a lot of patience and knowledge from people who want to use it and get the best results. Of course, this ancient philosophy cannot be learned over the night, which is why people hire specialists to arrange their living space according to Fang Shui rules. There is no need to spend money because we are about to relieve a few trick and tips that can be used for rearing your bedroom.

beverage center bedroom

The game of reflection

Mirrors and surface that reflects light are very important part in every arranging and home improvement project. They can make our space more interesting and creative, converting our living space into a resting oasis. Mirrors are also great for “expanding” our space. With a little knowledge and experience, you can make real wonders with these items. However, Feng Shui masters are not delighted with them. In fact, if we want to follow principles of this ancient knowledge, we should cover all mirrors in our bedroom if they reflect our body (or any part) while we are lying on the bed. According to Chinese tradition, if we can see our reflection in the mirror, it can cause a lot of troubles in our family, primarily in a relationship with our partner.

Try to avoid mini fridges

We all know how having beverage centers or wine coolers besides bed can be great, but it is not something we should practice during Feng Shui phase. The same as we did with mirrors, we should cover all electrical devices that are installed in our bedroom. Covering them with a big rug or blanket will be enough. This does not mean that we should say goodbye to cold drinks. Not at all. Instead of keeping them in beverage centers, we will have to keep our drinks under the counter or in wooden shelves.

Avoid water

All water features should be places outside bedroom. This is crucial rule, especially for people who need a good rest and refreshing sleep. In other words, water is not recommended element for a bedroom. Chinese believe that water features located in this room can have negative effects on our health and family relationships. This element is also considered as one of the main causes of love affairs.