Much like the living room, tiles aren’t actually that popular in the bedroom as well. The reason – it doesn’t create the cozy feeling which hardwood floors do. On the other hand, an advantage of having floor tiles inside your bedroom is that it may add true style to basically any bedroom and make it so much warmer. That may be done by picking porcelain floor tails due to its amazing features. Besides from its long-lastingness, these floor coverings feature the sophisticated appeal that can liven up any space however, not too lively which will prevent you from feeling good. They’re easy to clean & maintain as well. Dirt and stains don’t easily stick on porcelain tiles unlike on rugs therefore keeping it always clean is simple. We recommend you check out the Chamade range of porcelain floor tiles. These tiles are from the Minoli’s Core Essentials line. They are available in Gris, Noir and Blanc.