Today we bring you a hi-tech bed called the Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed by Leggett & Platt. It’s a wonderful mix of technology and bedding which makes use of diagnostic tools in order to alleviate snoring, moderate temperature and monitor body movements. At fifty thousand US dollars it isn’t only one more high-end bed. Its dual programmable temperature control from sixty eight to a hundred and seventeen degrees Fahrenheit adjusts the temperature to your wishes. It also features anti-snore technology in order to reduce snoring in mild to moderate cases by elevating the upper body a couple of degrees. The Sleep Diagnostic Center monitors breathing pattern as well as body movement through the night. In case you’re the one who can not live without music, you will be pleased to know that it features an iPod docking station along with a 2500-watt surround sound system with 4 8’’ sub-woofers.