Your master bedroom should be a place where you revitalize. But, when it comes to home redesigning master bedrooms usually get the short end of the stick. Of course, you will have a bed and a night table with a lamp and most probably one or two chests of drawers. On the other hand, usually the little things which are all about the appeal of your bedroom are more focused in living and dining rooms. So, besides a comfortable place to sleep, what is it that your bedroom must have to keep you coming back for more? Check out these five bedrooms and find out!

Bedroom with LED Lights

This bedroom is a part of a 2,850 square feet multi-level residence. What’s so special about this funky bedroom is that during night, a high efficiency programmable LED lighting system built within the polycarbonate bedroom walls provides many different colours of different intensities in order to adapt to homeowners’ evening activities (wink-wink) or mood. This bedroom glows like red hot nightclub or like a warm amber lantern. Pb Elemental Architecture


White Bedroom

This bedroom is part of an attic in a duplex situated in the town of Terrassa in Barcelona, Spain. It is especially appealing with its modern design, cozy and bright ambiance and streamlined furniture. We especially like its angled ceilings and walls which are punctuated by a series of windows that let in plenty of sunlight. Wood flooring adds warmth and beauty to this white bedroom. Pepe Gascón Arquitectura

Contemporary Bedroom

This bedroom is part of 2,200 square feet condo located in Minneapolis. Perfect light, perfect space and a perfect view are key points to a dream bedroom checklist. This contemporary bedroom celebrates the use of clean color palette and natural sunlight. It has a truly beautiful balcony almost in exact proportion, bringing the outdoors inside and vice versa. It’s undoubtedly a breathtaking view of the town. ALTUS Architecture + Design

Simple Romantic Bedroom

This bedroom is part of a modernist West Village apartment. This white bedroom has a quite old home shape. It actually looks much like the bedrooms in country homes. We say it’s a perfect place for not only rest and relaxation, but also for sensuality and romance. Shelton, Mindel & Associates

Bedroom with a Fireplace

This bedroom is part of 8700sf house located in Sun Valley, Idaho. This house is beautifully decorated and has a spacious bedroom with a fireplace and a great terrace. Plush textures and fabric selections add warmth to this amazing bedroom. Marmol Radziner Architecture