You should sleep comfortably and with full spinal support regardless of whether you’re a stomach, side or back sleeper. Luckily, United Feather & Down has the solution for all three. In case you nap on your belly, you should use a special pillow which will keep both the head & neck from rising up very high. The tapered belly pillows by United Feather & Down offer an ideal support & height for the head & neck. Their European White Goose Down Side Sleeper features two-inch baffled panel which surrounds the pillow in order to offer a raised and even sleep surface for perfect spinal alignment of your shoulders, head and neck. And the European White Goose Down Back Sleeper has one-of-a-kind tri-chambered pillow structure with firm outer chambers which offer much more support for the neck and at the same time the soft center chamber cradles your head. Which type are you?