Although we like to gather all sorts of inspiration from various bedrooms, we especially like learning a little something from the true professionals – they usually take bold chances, are familiar with the latest trends and bring a polished sense of elegance to a space. We gathered seven images from five interior design and architecture studios. Check out these standout bedrooms below and stay tuned because we’ll continue to have more bedroom inspiration coming your way!

Feng Shui: Bed in the Middle of the Room

This bedroom is part of a modern apartment located in UK Capital’s Notting Hill neighborhood with plenty of charming flower shops, quaint markets and upscale restaurants. We were immediately struck by this modern bedroom’s livability factor. For this airy bedroom, designers took a Feng Shui approach by installing a floating bed which is positioned in the middle of the room. Also, there is built in wall-shelving which creates a creative storage space. We especially like the colourful pillows & artwork which make for truly beautiful accents. A perfect Feng Shui bedroom! Kia Designs

Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Natural light is important in the functionality of a small bedroom. And that was the major challenge with this project. Bringing forward the quality of natural light within this small bedroom, color combination of materials is chosen to be varied and at the same time toned down – white for the walls and for the spacious wardrobe with a few accents of black. _naturehumaine

Long Bedroom Layout Ideas

This bedroom is a part of a modern house located in Ottowa, Canada. Step inside this bedroom and you will right away notice its clean lines and describe the room as open, light and private. This bedroom feels perfectly cozy; however it is modern at the same time, just like contemporary luxury of the highest standard. It’s good to know that this house was constructed on the 20 x 60 ft. lot. Even though twenty feet sound more like the width of a flower shop than a real house, the architects did a magnificent job. Linebox Studio

Bedroom Wall Storage Ideas

Perhaps the best thing about the Capital of France is that there is never a shortage of architectural miracles. This bedroom is a part of a 3000 sq. ft. apartment situated in the town center. What’s unique about this bedroom are its hidden compartments which provide plenty of storage space. Pascal Grasso

Bedroom with Large Windows

To ensure that the bedroom is well lit by natural daylight, floor-to-ceiling windows have been installed. We especially like traditional Korean architectural elements. A perfect combination of the new and old with an intermingling of aesthetics and practical use! Hyunjoon Yoo Architects