The latest entrant into the ever growing family of high end beds is the InDecent Bed. It is the project of the Gallery of Wonderful. The name InDecent perhaps comes from the fact that they hand-stitch an image of the owners being intimate onto the bed’s headboard. The picture looks much like a patterned mosaic when viewed from close. On the other hand, when you take a look from a distance, it is possible to see the ‘action.’ This custom made bed is over $77,000 and for the price, they offer a custom photoshoot in Los Angeles with highly skilled photographer. After the photoshoot, they airbrush the photo and stitch it into the headboard in a range of individual colored panels. This long process takes several months to complete. In case $77,000 sounds just too much, they have the standard model in limited edition as well. This standard model costs only around $13,000. It has on its headboard an image of a blonde pin-up girl. Handmade and designed in UK from pristine oak, this bed comes finished with high gloss paint. Unfortunately, just twenty five examples of this bed will actually be offered for sale.