When you spend too much time in one room, it gets boring after a while – and you simply have to spend a substantial amount of your day in the bedroom. If seeing the same decorations and color schemes simply isn’t enough to inspire you, it’s high time you changed it. Alternations don’t have to be huge and cost thousands of dollars, but going for something more subtle and long-lasting makes more sense. However, if you have a limited budget, not enough time or lack remodeling experience, what changes should you opt for? Here are three ideas to revamp your bedroom in no time.

Level 1: Simple

If you want to do something in your bedroom in a matter of minutes and your financial situation is unstable, the best thing to do is make small, yet visible cosmetic changes. And one of the ways to do this is to declutter your bedroom – eliminate all the items you don’t use and remove all unnecessary decorations and furnishings. This way, you’ll create the illusion of space and room for new things, which is ideal for small bedrooms.

Another idea is to change the drapes and bed linen: this is simple, yet elegant and intriguing solution, and these pieces can really set the tone of your bedroom. There are several types of drapes and a number of styles – floor-to-ceiling, opaque drapes, layered drapes, etc. – you can try until you find the prefect one. When it comes to bed sheets, you don’t have to match them to the rest of your bedroom, but turn them into the focal point of the entire space instead.

bedroom setup

Level 2: Complex

Some of the more complex ideas require more time, effort and money, but their results are more appealing. Firstly, take care of the bed – whether you prefer a single bed or a California king, getting a new one will make a huge difference not just in your bedroom, but your life as well. Nevertheless, the size isn’t the only consideration: those who like reading or using their laptops in bed should find a more comfortable ergonomic bed with a solid headboard for support.

Once you change the bed, everything else will be much easier as you’ll have something to build on. Now you can get a new rug that matches the bed and creates a nice color combination or even a stimulating contrast. Finding high quality rugs online is easy nowadays and possibilities are limitless, no matter what your preferences are.

Level 3: Luxurious

If you’re ready to make a complete change to your bedroom, you have to go all in – repaint the walls, change the floors, purchase new furniture and rearrange it. Basically, create a new room instead of the old one. First, consider the floors – if they’ve maintained their quality, maybe you could just polish them or get a fresher look with a new wall-to-wall rug.

Walls, on the other hand, could always use repainting and any chance to do this is good. Once you’ve settled on the new color scheme, pick the shades and think about incorporating your decorations into them. Don’t hire professional painters, but repaint the room on your own – that’ll save you tons of money and make you more involved in the redecorating process. Finally, see how much money you have left and get new nightstands, shelves, dressers and lamps. In the end, decorate the room with pillows, hang some pictures, and you’re good to go!

classy bedroom

End Results

You don’t have to do much when revamping your bedroom, but start small and do something – if you turn this boring space into an inspiring and exciting area, the results will definitely be better than you’ve expected!