Show us the skin and we will tell you who you really are, or in this case, what you did the night before. Rise and Sigh is a line of designer bed sheets which plays with incidents that generally take place behind closed doors, in sleeping quarters. The sheets are embroidered with captions which leave an imprint on your skin. The embroidery is intentionally placed, therefore that different sleeping positions leave different imprints on your skin. Not just do these imprints give a hint about the past night’s atmosphere, but they also suggest you what to do and tell things about you. Designed by Martina Carpelan, these sheets manage to produce temporary skin art. The words on the sheet are emblazoned in reverse therefore that they are printed legibly on your body. This bed sheets collection can be found in 3 sets, for the one night stand, for the bachelor and for the love affair. Creative and fun!