Many interior design gurus agree that the bedroom has to be used only for sleeping (but there are allowable exceptions to that rule). On the other hand, the realities of living in small urban apartments mean that many people do their work at a desk next to their bed. So, even though many bedrooms in urban apartments are tiny, people usually end up using them as a workspace. Others have the temptation of making their bedroom a space where certain things should not be allowed. It might be drying rack, TV or children. You should keep those things out, because it never ends up well. So the real question is: What exactly do you ban from your private quarters? Does it really help keep everything easier to maintain, calmer and more comfortable? Here are some examples of well-organized, well-decorated and decluttered bedrooms. These bedrooms are just bedrooms. Let us know your thoughts!

Hardwood Floors in Master Bedroom

This bedroom is part of a 1,688 square feet home situated on a small lot centered in Seattle’s Capitol Hill urban community. This master suite embraces the street life which animates the neighborhood. Floor-to-ceiling windows facing the busy street below add an interesting voyeuristic touch, giving away intimate views of the bedroom. Through the use of sophisticated materials and simplicity of design, this bedroom becomes comfortable without being too simple. Pb Elemental Architecture

White Master Bedroom Decor

This bedroom is part of a 2-storey home situated in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton. What we like especially about it is that despite the use penthouse-like design, concrete and other raw materials, this bedroom has an inviting atmosphere with a white colour scheme and a big comfy bed. Frank Macchia

Romantic Bedroom Setup

This bedroom is part of a Villa Allegra situated in Miami, Florida. Located on the 2nd floor, just like a tree-house, the master suite overlooks the treetops on the site. It has the most romantic décor – a perfect combination of a four poster bed dressed in white silk canopy, and a massive solid wood table. Oppenheim

Spacious Bedrooms

These bedroom are part of a one-storey contemporary ranch house situated in the neighborhood of Rising Glen. The design of these spacious bedrooms with quite simple décor feels cozy and looks much like an elegant contemporary hotel en suite. What we like especially is that they have floor-to-ceiling windows big enough to make the feeling of having four walls around you completely disappear. So when you have a sunny weather, why put a massive wall between your bedroom and the sunshine. Tocha

Bedroom to Die For

This bedroom is part of a cliffside house located atop a rocky outcrop with breathtaking views of the mighty blue ocean. What we like about this bedroom is that it looks as a perfect natural extension of this magnificent landscape. Sagan Piechota Architecture