Matching the Sparrow twin bed (for the kids’ bedroom) and the rest of the Sparrow line, the fashionable coloring and light wood stain keeps it looking simple and beautiful and at the same time offering it in a lot higher quality when compared to similar styles at Ikea and other mass-produced collections. This small nightstand can be found in white or grey with water-based, non-toxic finishes and natural birch drawer faces. By employing what they call a modern European style in design, the purpose shines through with the use of an easy-access space and a single, minimalist drawer to guarantee the favorite bedtime reading and toys will be stashed neatly. Dimensions: 9.5 19 by 19.75 inches. Price: just under $400. Manufactured out of quality Baltic birch wood, the Sparrow Collection is made in Latvia. Not a good recommendation if you ask us!