Today we bring you solid wood wardrobes from TEAM 7 called the VALORE. This manufacturer is a market leader in non toxic eco-friendly furniture since ‘80s. TEAM 7 truly knows how to blend the natural warmth of solid hardwood with modern design. These wardrobe closets are distinct by an elegant combination of luxury solid wood and the beautiful high gloss sheen of glass. The sliding door wardrobe amazes with solid horizontal wood grain as well as color glass panels. What’s more, all wardrobe closets can be found with folding, sliding or hinged doors (or even a combination) and also in walk-in configurations in a wide selection of dimensions. The inside of the wardrobes has a selection of very convenient elements such as retractable hanging pants and shirt lift element, glass front drawers for shirts or drawers with tie compartments, wood front drawers for the more messy people among us or solid wood shelves.