White is the symbol for simplicity, innocence, minimalism and eternal beauty. That is why a lot of people prefer designing their bedrooms and even whole houses and apartments in white. We really love white color and we even believe white bedrooms as well as modern white bedroom furniture is truly amazing. The main problem is that it’s not a smart choice for those with infants and/or toddlers since they’re a bit too hard to keep tidy and especially clean when the little rascal discover that permanent markers can write on walls as well as furniture pieces. Nonetheless, white bedrooms are truly great and throughout cold winter nights they will give you the impression that they are specially designed to suggest this season. On the other hand, a lot of us might sometimes associate ideally white bedroom interiors with ER rooms. What’s more, in case you have everything white around you can be a bit dull. However it is possible to get rid of this tiny problem by adding one other small detail in the bedroom which has a different color. For instance, it is possible to use a red chair and a couple of red ornamental pillows or perhaps a medium-sized curtain as well as the carpet and the pillows – all colored in a beautiful shade of purple.